About us

Our team is made up of former Subject Matter Experts within the telecommunications and software development space our experiences include but not limited to:

  • Provided design discussions for Cisco for enterprise customers such as Boeing, Ford and BP.
  • Subject Matter Expert in various Cisco Call Manager APIs, worked with Cisco customers’ and partners’ through their development cycle.
  • Wrote various white papers for Cisco Systems to include proof concepts on memory footprint, network analysis, database impact study and other technical data used by Cisco Technical Marketing Engineers.
  • Supported one of the largest VOIP solutions, Cisco IT’s 19 node Mega-cluster with over 25,000 devices i.e. IP phones, gateways and other endpoints.
  • Wireless IP endpoints and Access Points
  • Experience in Planning, Design, Implementation & Operations (PDIO) Unified Communication systems
  • Gave presentations for Cisco partners in the 1st and 2nd XML bakeoff on XML Services and AXL SOAP APIs for Cisco Call Manager.
  • Technical advisor for FEMA’s Mobile Emergency Response Support VI (MERS VI)
  • Provided training overview of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Unity, Cisco PIX firewall IPICS and Call Manager Express for MERS VI employees
  • Developed System test plans for Cisco for the development of Call Manager as an appliance for Cisco System Test Group.
  • Unified Call Center Expertise
  • Software Development of first responder applet
  • Web 3.0 development
  • Migration to AWS from on premise DC resources that reduced OPEx and re-purpose IT with Automated process.