Staktron provides our customers with complete SDN life-cycle development. Staktron DevNet team has experience with working with large enterprise partners and 3rd Parties that are currently in production.

SDN Consulting:Review of your current network and operational processes to identify Application & Services which would see dramatic improvements through adaption of SDN Techonologies

OSS/Network Management Consulting: Review of you current OSS & Network Management Architecture and Processes. We will work together to build a target architecture leveraging your existing investment and identifying which products and components can be use in your future state processes.

SDN Deployments: Proof of Concept and Pilot Deployments for SDN Controller or Network OS software to build a target deployment model for your organization.

OSS/Network Management System Integration: Modification and enhancement to your EMS/NMS/OSS platforms to enable incremental benefits to the Business while evolving the infrastructure to automate and enhance performance.

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