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    Are you having trouble deciding where to take your next vacation? Are you bored with the same old destinations you usually visit when you have time off from work? Shopping, gambling and lying on the beach can get old, right? Have you acknowledged the idea of taking an adventure travels vacation? These trips have been designed to get you into the great outdoors, to test your boundaries and get you moving. A lot of people save their money for years to be able to afford to go on all-encompassing adventure vacations. Luckily there are some that do not require a lifetime of saving. These are some excellent ideas for your next trip.If you like being in the great outdoors and attempting to survival skills by living off the land, why not go on an Australian Walkabout? These have gained popularity since one of the main characters form the television show Lost attempted to go on one. The idea behind an Australian Walkabout is that you and your fellow adventurers head out into the Australian Outback with a guide. When you go on a walkabout, you are living off the land in its entirety. You hunt for and gather your own food, make your own shelter from any materials you can find and experience the “elements” that could come your way (weather, animals, etc). It would be like extreme camping and can bring great satisfaction. If you’re an enthusiast of extreme adventure travels, why not try out a hot air balloon trip someplace? How about doing some white water rafting? Have you thought about trying Bungee jumping? Some people enjoy a rush of excitement from skydiving. Seemingly, there are spots to do this in many different towns. With an extreme adventure vacation, it is possible to go skydiving over the Grand Canyon. Take a hot air balloon across the Australian outback. When you want to go to extremes the world is your oyster. A trendy extreme vacation is paragliding in India. Why not give it a try?Do you absolutely love food? Do you tantalize the idea of learning about and taste testing cuisine from around the world? Why not do a culinary tour? Italy is, obviously, one of the most popular destinations for foodies who want to experience cuisine in its “native habitat.” Ireland, Spain and Greece also have fantastic “culinary tours.” These are tours where, in addition to sampling the food after it is prepared by “native” chefs, you also learn how to cook a variety of dishes yourself. This is a dream vacation for an aspiring chef or anyone who just loves food. Not all adventure travels have to be about risking your life. You can have an exquisite adventure vacation without bungee jumping, skydiving or hoping a shark won’t destroy a cage. Concurrently, for the adrenaline junkies, that risk is only part of the joy of an adventure bases vacation.The key to having a real adventurous vacation is to get out of your comfort zone while still having an enjoyable time. Go for it!