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    Both Muslims as well as Christians are really trying to praise and also serve the Lord. Considerable misunderstanding is out there comparing Islam versus Christianity A person can only have 1 God which is undeniable. There are major variations in scripture and Jesus Christ as it relates to both beliefs and they can’t both believe in the true God. Islam says in their scriptures that Jesus was only a prophet, however Christianity states otherwise.The truth is that just the one genuine God loves you. One verse within the Qur’an gives a crystal clear understanding whether Allah truly loves mankind or not. Allah states angels and mankind were made only to worship him. It is clear that Jesus Christ really loves everyone and that is different than Islam. Jesus Christ proved this on the cross and displaying his own love for us.The actual Islamic perception is it isn’t feasible to understand the Lord nor possess a connection with Him. Islam believers are controlled by an administrator just like that associated with slaves concerning Islam vs Christianity. What really matters is definitely the totally free gift of salvation Christians obtain because of their faith in Christ.As for knowing God, lots of people improperly believe that the Bible and Qur’an are similar and you may fully understand the Lord with either. The fact is that just the Word of God is true and allows for a relationship with the Lord. The God from the Qur’an does not allow you to know him. In true Islam, Allah is actually unknowable. It’s even considered heresy for somebody to claim to know Allah. In Islam, such people are called Sufis and therefore are usually branded as heretics.The actual Qur’an instructs that Allah would not send out any helper to die in your place and he did not and won’t do that. This really is clearly observed in the Qur’an. The Qur’an even states that it had been Judas who had been crucified in place of Christ and also that Jesus Christ by no means perished upon the cross. The Qur’an also states that lack of knowledge regarding sin is mankind’s issue and that there’s no need for a sacrifice.Many Muslims would like to learn much more about Christ and also to know Him. There is a lot of curiosity to find out more of the facts of Islam v Christianity. Muslims are trained to believe that Christ was only a prophet, and that is fake teaching. One of the first objections when speaking with a Muslim about Christ would be that the initial Holy Bible had been altered. They’ve got a fake belief that there were changes to the actual New Testament to make Jesus the Son of God and not simply a prophet. Muslims as a result have created grounds to ignore the reality regarding the Lord’s salvation via the death and resurrection of Christ.Evidence for their physical corruption is not in existence. It’s important for all of us to be prepared to describe why their own belief of the actual Bible being changed isn’t true. It is a sensitive issue when looking at Islam vs Christianity.