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    They seem to be the poster child of frustration having earned the excellence of being named as “The Pest.” Some of us are mosquito bait yet others are blissfully without any predation for almost all time, but have you ever met individuals who have never been bitten? Chances are you never will.So ideas have a very blood sucking irritant of epic proportions and typically the a reaction to the ability that they’re lurking outside is one kind of frustration. But is annoyance really the best reaction? Actually, it must be nearer to outright fear.Mosquitoes have killed more and more people than all wars combined. We’re talking thousands and thousands of men and women die each year on account of mosquitoes. Malaria and Dengue Fever would be the stuff of Third World Countries, right? Well, less than fast Mr. Weekend Warrior because mosquitoes represent additional of an potential threat than that!First of all, Malaria is NOT confined to the outer reaches of civilization. Just previously a few years, the United States has seen rising quantities of Malaria in the more temperate zones. But don’t be fooled – we used to think Fire Ants wouldn’t be a problem while they’d never move northward. Well, tell that to individuals in Maryland who expected Fire Ants in which to stay South Florida and Texas. Fire Ants are already described as the reverse of Sherman’s March since they have infiltrated all of the states below the Mason-Dixon Line and so they aren’t even near being done.Dengue Fever is similar in the event you thought it couldn’t touch us. Here is a truly alarming statistic – up to 100 million people every single year are have contracted Dengue Fever. Of course not every one of them die, but even if 1% got really sick, that is a good deal of men and women! Florida has it and again, the cool thing is to sneak in in the main part of the country as Mosquitoes can live in many places.Let’s not disregard the greatest threat that mosquitoes provide us inside United States each year, which is West Nile Virus. In California alone, over 3000 everyone has become very ill from West Nile Virus there are already a lot more than 100 reported deaths. That is just California and there are 50 states. And plenty of cases which are unreported.These facts take an annoying, irritating pest and elevate it to Sci-Fi Monster except mosquitoes are not Science Fiction. They are real and so they are hungry for our blood.When mosquitoes feed, they transmit diseases that mysteriously usually do not affect them whatsoever. They would be the “vectors” meaning they include the vehicles for disease to visit from victim to victim, namely one individual to another.Having mosquitoes swarm who are around you as well as leaving irritated, itchy welts as being a calling card can drive perhaps the calmest people to serious frustration. But those annoying bumps can signal a far worse reality of great disease. And that makes mosquitoes the Grandaddy, Ultimate Pest of all.So what’s a potential victim to do? REPEL them! Use a natural, safe repellent which will make you stay safe from the deadly, irritating attack of mosquitoes. That way you’ll be able to defeat the power of “The Pest.”